Gurjeet Sidhu, PsyD LMFT

Gurjeet Sidhu

Gurjeet Sidhu, PsyD LMFT’s approach to therapy is integrative. She works collaboratively with clients to understand both the origins of presenting problems and the contexts where they arise. She draws from various models of psychology, including narrative, relational, cognitive-behavioral, and experiential. She incorporates client centered and systems therapy, as well as evidence based practices to match treatment to your presenting difficulties. She works with the whole person and adopts a biopsychosocial lens that focuses on holistic health (mind, body, and spirit). Finally, she seeks to create awareness related to why individuals behave and feel certain ways, and why negative thoughts and behavioral patterns persist. Gurjeet speaks many East Indian languages (Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, and Fijian) and is more than happy to adapt therapy to place your culture at the forefront of our work together.

Location: Everettt

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