Tyson Bailey

Tyson Bailey, PsyD ABPP

I primarily work with adults who have experienced one or more traumatic events. I have a particular interest in helping those with early, repeated trauma, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and neglect. I focus on honoring people’s identities and stories, including experience working with individuals who have been marginalized within our society. Please reach out with any questions you have so we can determine if we might be an effective match for creating a meaningful and healing relationship.

Chuck Benincasa

Charles Benincasa, PsyD

Charles Benincasa, PsyD focuses on individuals who have experienced complex trauma and dissociation. His primary speciality is working with individuals who have been abused or neglected in childhood. He practices from a feminist-multicultural lens and can provide services to clients with diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ+, racially and ethnically diverse clients, and individuals with disabilities. He…

Michelle Brown, PsyD

Michelle Brown, PsyD

I specialize in treating individuals who have experienced trauma, chronic pain, or illness. Many of my clients come to therapy still suffering despite prior treatments and are seeking innovative approaches to healing. After being in therapy together, my clients often say that their problems feel manageable, their behaviors have changed for the better, they have healthier relationships, and they have a sense of purpose in their lives.

Cecilia Hamill

Cecilia Hamill, LMHC

Cecilia Hamill, MS, MEd, LMHC is a proponent of holistic healing – treating the whole person (mind, body, spirit). She focuses on employing creative mediums in the therapeutic process to include symbolic (Jungian), artistic, musical and written expression. She believes here are many constructive ways to channel life’s challenges, stressors and traumas and that it…

Cathy Harrington

Cathy Harrington, LMHC

Cathy Harrington MA, LMHC practices person-centered counseling and believes strongly in a collaborative client-counselor relationship. She enjoys helping clients explore their intersecting identities and how the systems and structures around them might be contributing to unhelpful behaviors or unsatisfactory outcomes, as well as helping clients understand and move through distressing responses to traumatic situations. She…

Bill Heusler

Bill Heusler, PsyD

Bill Heusler, PsyD has several specialty areas, including trauma informed therapy and assessment services for people suffering with the impact of overwhelming events in their lives. His approach to the therapy process is collaborative and integrative, which may include any combination of one or more techniques or therapeutic modalities that seem to be the best…

Matthew Ponsford

Matthew Ponsford, PsyD

Matthew Ponsford, Psy.D. practices a collaborative, strengths-based approach to working with clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, or facing difficult life transitions. His work integrates narrative, relational, and existential modalities, depending on the particular needs of the client. He has a particular interest in working with clients around issues related to…

Shon Powell

Shon Powell, PsyD LMHC

Shon Powell, PsyD LMHC works with a range of clients experiencing difficulties with trauma to problems surrounding self-identity. Additionally, he is well versed in psychological assessment. In terms of traumatic stress, he specializes in treating military veterans who have Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Regarding identity, he focuses on working with those who struggle with racial…

Gurjeet Sidhu

Gurjeet Sidhu, PsyD LMFT

Gurjeet Sidhu, PsyD LMFT’s approach to therapy is integrative. She works collaboratively with clients to understand both the origins of presenting problems and the contexts where they arise. She draws from various models of psychology, including narrative, relational, cognitive-behavioral, and experiential. She incorporates client centered and systems therapy, as well as evidence based practices to…

Heather Spence

Heather Spence, PsyD

I work with teens (13+) and adults across the lifespan. I specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma, including childhood maltreatment. I also enjoy working with LGBTQ clients, including those folx who identify as transgender. That said, I work well with a broad range of concerns. If you are experiencing challenges like depression, anxiety, grief & loss, identity development, life transitions, or have challenges in your relationships, we might be a good fit!

Tricia Teneycke

Tricia Teneycke, PsyD

Tricia Teneycke, PsyD specializes in working with men and women who have experienced traumatic events, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. She also supports those who are navigating change and working on building and keeping healthy relationships. Having been raised in Canada and a happy resident of Seattle for the last 14 years she…

Jim York

Jim York, LMFT

Jim York, MS, LMFT, has specialties in substance use/abuse, trauma-informed therapy, and couple’s therapy. He believes that clients are best served through a collaborative treatment approach, and utilizes an integration of humanistic, mindfulness-based, EMDR, and cognitive approaches depending on client goals. His past experience includes work aimed at overcoming past trauma, adult and adolescent substance…

Ianto West

Ianto West, PsyD

A. Ianto West, PsyD works with a wide range of ages and concerns. Having worked in medical settings, he has experience with chronic health problems. Healing can feel confusing, frightening, or impossible. It can be hard to know where to start. Ianto’s approach is collaborative, most often using an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach. Ianto…

Bonnie Zinn, PsyD

Bonnie Zinn, PsyD

Bonnie Zinn, PsyD, utilizes a collaborative, strengths-based approach to therapy to support clients struggling with anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, chronic pain, illness, relationship issues, and insomnia. She believes clients are the experts on their experiences and their values and strives to provide new skills and perspective to facilitate change. Dr. Zinn integrates trauma-informed and evidence-based…



Jackie Cole, Prescriber

Jackie Cole, ARNP

Jackie Cole is advanced-practice registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), with board-certification in the specialty area of Psychiatry and Mental Health (PMHNP-BC). She is also trained in psychedelic therapy with an advanced certificate in Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy. She received her Masters in Nursing (MSN) from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. She works primarily with adults (age 18-67)…

Truc Nguyen

Truc Nguyen, ARNP

Truc Nguyen is an advanced-practice registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), with board-certification in the specialty area of Psychiatry and Mental Health (PMHNP-BC). He obtained his graduate nursing degree (MSN) in 2015 from Seattle University. He is an adult psychiatric generalist (age 18-67) with a special interest in anxiety disorders, including Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress,…


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